Metamorphosis in Life

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“These captives [taken by those of other cultures long ago] lay out in a stark and dramatic way what goes on in every life: the transitions whereby you cease to be who you were. Seldom is it dramatic, but nevertheless, something of the journey between the near and the far goes on in every life. Sometimes an old photograph, an old friend, an old letter will remind you that you are not who you once were, for the person who dwelt among them, valued this, chose that, wrote thus, no longer exists. Without noticing it you have traversed a great distance; the strange has become familiar and the familiar if not strange at least awkward or uncomfortable, an outgrown garment. And some people travel far more than others. ”

— From A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit

Blogging on Sabbatical

So I’m heading out on my sabbatical in a few months, and one of the things I’m trying to figure out is how to blog while offline. I want to remember my time and share it with interested folks.  A photo, quote or post frequently will be wonderful.

Testing out the setup.

But I don’t want to lug around a laptop—especially since I’ll be off the grid many times throughout the trip. So I’m trying my iPad and a wireless keyboard. I’ve downloaded the app Blogo and giving it a spin.

So far so good. I’ve got it connected to my blog. I can add photos. Schedule the post and get it set to go.

If you follow my blog, please allow me the chance to try a bunch of things out over the next couple of months as I hone my process. Thanks for your patience!

My Upcoming Sabbatical

In a few short months I’ll begin a four month sabbatical. We clergy are very blessed to have the opportunity to step back from our daily ministry to get some perspective, study and refreshment.

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St. Mark’s and I were lucky enough to be awarded a Lilly Foundation Clergy Renewal grant. With this award, I’ll be focusing on Wilderness Spirituality, doing a deep study on the wilderness times in life and the call of wild places to bring us healing—like the desert mothers and fathers. I’ll also be hiking a great deal both by myself and with my family in New Mexico, New Hampshire, Vermont, Vancouver, the Rockies, the Boundary Water Canoe Area and Kilimanjaro.

But I won’t be on Facebook. I’m taking a sabbatical from email, FB, and the like. I’ll be uploading photos to Instagram and posting “micro-posts” (short reflections, quotations from readings and pictures or videos) as often as I can depending on connectivity. I will have a script post to my Rambling Priest FB page (something I’m beginning to explore now), so if you want to get the updates, follow me there. In the meantime, I’ll be reflecting on my preparations.

Onward and upward!