Film Review: “Henry Poole is Here”

I love movies.  Given the phase of life we’re in right now with younger kids, however, we don’t make it to the theater as often as I’d like.  So we use Netflix.

We recently watched “Henry Poole is Here.”  It’s a comedy drama that got recommended to us along the way.  I think it sat in our queue for some time, if I’m honest.

What makes this unforgettable is the question of how do we find resurrection or miracles in real life?  Henry moves back to his old neighborhood because of the circumstances of his life (don’t want to spoil this), and even though he wants to be left alone, people keep interrupting his life.

And he doesn’t like it much.

But they’re persistant, and they see things Henry doesn’t. And they keep at it.

I won’t say anything else, but this: I wonder why it’s so easy to get into a funk and find that it’s easy to overlook all of life around us.  Will Henry wake up?  Will we?

Great film for the Easter season.

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