Meeting God in Our Busy Lives:
The Theology and Practice of Zimzum

For most of us, nearly every corner of our lives and every nook of our homes is full. There doesn’t seem to be much space for anything—or anyone—else.

Is this what God intended when God created the universe? Did God call forth the whole world simply so we could lead busy lives and hoard a bunch of stuff? Do we reflect God’s image when we fill up the spaces of our lives?

Jewish mystics suggest that God’s first act of creation was zimzum, or self-withdrawal. God needed to open up space within God’s self in order to create. What might that concept mean for us who are made in the image of God?

During Lent and Eastertide, the St. Paul Center for Theology and Prayer invites you to join the Rev. Phil LaBelle on a journey to explore the theology and practice of zimzum. By embracing zimzum through reflection, prayer, and spiritual practices, we can open up space for the connections we desire.

Class Offerings

• 2 options: in-person on Wednesdays at St Mark’s Church, Southborough;

or online on Thursdays. (Click links to sign up.)

• 75 minutes in length beginning at 7pm

• Meet every other week beginning March 1 (in person) and March 2 (online)

• 6 classes total through Lent and Eastertide

For more information, visit the St. Paul Center for Theology and Prayer website.

I hope you will join in!

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