Online Resources for Prayer

During my sermon on Sunday I mentioned I’d put together online and app resources for praying.  Here’s the list of things I’ve found (and some I’ve personally used) to make the most of your time and technology.

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Pray As You Go — A daily audio prayer with scripture site. Recommended for those beginning with prayer.

Mission of St. Clare App  — The Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer based on their popular website.

Common Prayer App— Put out by the New Monastic movement, a wonderful, rich and easy to use resource

Daily Office App — An app to purchase, but finally a great resource for the BCP  Daily Office.

Meditation Time App— Different sounds and calming images to help you not worry about the time when you pray or spend time in silence meditating on scripture or God.

Prune— A meditative game that allows you to “Cultivate what matters. Cut away the rest.”

3 Minute Retreat — An invitation to take a short break at your computer. With soothing images, scripture and reflective questions.

Sacred Space — A self-guided prayer website and app.

Devotion App — Recommended by a college student, providing a small inspirational thought and Bible verse.

Old and New Project — “Provides a platform for contemporary graphic artists to exhibit works themed on Biblical stories and passages.” Fascinating artwork on scripture.

Bible Project — Videos on biblical themes.

Nature 365 — Wonderful videos of natural settings for each day of the year.


For Families/Kids:

365 Prayers for Kids App— Helping younger kids cultivate their own prayer life. (Other apps available also at this site.)

Home Practices for Building Faith — From Virginia Theological Seminary’s Building Faith website. Fantastic home practices that are do-able, adaptable, fun, and meaningful.

St. Andrew’s Families Integrating Sunday and Home (FISH) — Great resources for families to use during the week; some overlap with above link.

Faith at Home — Ideas for those with younger children.

Family Faith Ideas from Pintrest — Find oodles of ideas from crafts to coloring sheets, service ideas to science projects.

Leviticus! Game — Think Fruit Ninja, but with animal sacrifices. Some fake blood in the game, so most appropriate for older children.



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Are you planning to list your favorite books as well? I’ve really liked an Anabaptist daily prayer book, Take Our Moments And Our Days.