Paying Attention to the Weather

We had a bit of rain last night, and the wind hasn’t yet died down this morning. The weather report predicts strong gusts all day.

Camping has made me more aware of the daily weather patterns. It’s easy to have it be an afterthought most days back home. You head out the door and then realize you hadn’t dressed appropriately. You think, “Perhaps I should have checked the forecast.”

And maybe being more aware of the weather patterns in our own lives would be helpful too. We recognize the storms full on–the hurricanes and the like. But do we really notice when the sun shines a tad too brightly giving us a burn? Or are we attentive when the wind swirls dust clouds around us lodging dirt in the crevices of our lives?

Or those delightful days that heal the soul, do we cherish them enough?

Camping, being outdoors day after day, opens my eyes to the physical weather. I hope it does the same for the eyes of my soul.

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